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Im Auge der Sonne


In 2001 first sketches for INTIÑAHUI – IN THE EYE OF THE SUN came into being. Like with all his previous efforts, Schrefler conceived his idea as an interdisciplinary project from the very beginning. Years later the project had become an opus magnum with international artists participating, from disciplines such as film, music, performance, and sculpting.

The film of 26 minutes represents the center piece of the project, in which a fictional universe is brought to life in sequences created via the help of 3D-animation. The numbers 1 to 9 build the structural backbone of the movie. They were of great symbolic relevance to the indigenous peoples of the Andes and other cultures that have fallen into oblivion. Adhering to this, nine sequences and their associated imagery were conceived.

Impressions flow like timeless dreams; endless rooms shrink and grow, the visualization of which demanded years of commitment and thorough technical expertise from Klaus Schrefler and his team.



Beyond the concept of numbers 1 to 9 INTIÑAHUI is a sequence of images, which one may know out of dreams. The work focuses on sensual components and boasts a continuous visual flow of sensation most suitable for the big screen. The conception of the work is complex - opposing current trends, there is no cut, no dialogue, the power of the work raises from its visual impact. Consequently the artwork works like a huge painting representing both micro and macrocosm.





Visual Media Art - © 2001 - 2013 Klaus Schrefler