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Im Auge der Sonne

In Quechua, a language of indigenous people in the Andes in South America, INTIÑAHUI means "IN THE EYE OF THE SUN". In 2001 - while working on the script for a video project - Klaus Schrefler [alias KaRaSu, artist and scientist] met sculptor and also scientist Luis Viracocha  in Quito, Ecuador. As they discovered similar attitudes in a spiritual approach towards the backgrounds of life they decided to co-operate in a complete work. Inspired by ancient places of worship like Ingapirca and by works of Luis Viracocha Klaus Schrefler developed a symbolism of numbers for the three-dimensional reconstruction of some central sculptures as a base for the animated sequences of the Visual Media Art Project.

He succesfully invited other artist for the digital modeling in his studio, the [Museum of Modern Crime]. Since then Thomas Siegl (then already working with Vito Acconci Studios, New York), Elmar Ranegger [Imagewerk] and Martin Schemitsch were responsible for central parts of the artistic work on the project. [Crew]. In a dynamic creative process togehter with Klaus Schrefler they generated individual sequences of images which are the base for an integrated, process-oriented piece of art, aiming at the intercultural integration of artists. The universal language of the animated sequences serves as primary media of communication.


Visual Media Art - © 2001 - 2013 Klaus Schrefler