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Im Auge der Sonne

WorldFest Houston Grand Remi Award Winner 2009

WorldFest 2009 Grand REMI Awards are:
BEST THEATRICAL FEATURE ~ Bitter/Sweet, WorldFest alum, Jeff Hare, Angel & Bear Productions, USA/ Thailand
BEST FILM & VIDEO ~ Mysteries of the Great Lakes, David Lickley, Science North, Canada
BEST TV & CABLE PRODUCTION ~ Moon Machines, Command Module, Duncan Copp,Dox Prdns., UK
BEST NEW MEDIA ~ The BMW Experience: Passion for Innovation, Scott Clements, Alp Communications, Canada
BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM & VIDEO ~ Intinahui- In the Eye of the Sun, Klaus Schrefler, Syndicate, Austria
BEST SHORT SUBJECT ~ Auf Der Strecke (On the Line), Ute Dilger, Academy of Media Arts Cologne, Germany
BEST TV COMMERCIAL ~ "My Houston" ZZ Top, Ballet, & Scrap Daddy, Zen Film, USA
BEST STUDENT FILM ~ Paris Mavroidis for Divers, USA
BEST MUSIC VIDEO to Barbara Misto for Goin’ Down to Mexico, USA

Dem Film INTIÑAHUI wurde in Houston, Texas, USA der GRAND REMI AWARD der Kategorie Independent Experimental Films and Videos verliehen. Dabei handelt es sich um den höchsten Preis der nur einmal in seiner Kategorie vergeben wird. - `Intiñahui` ist also einer der 10 Top Awards von ~4300 internationalen Einreichungen.

Das WorldFest-Houston ist das drittälteste Filmfestival und das einzige komplett dem Independent Film gewidmete Festival der USA.

"The Remi takes its name from the famous artist Frederick Remington, who captures the spirit of Texas and the West with his brilliant paintings and sculptures!"

"WorldFest did give first honors to Spielberg, Lucas, David Lynch, Ang Lee, Ridley Scott, The Coen Brothers, Brian De Palma and many more, so it is not only one of the longest-running film festivals in the world, it is also one of the most significant!"

The Russian-American Publication & Gem Arts Studio sponsored a handsomely crafted gemstone award for the BEST INTERNATIONAL FEATURE film which went to God’s Little Garden, Jacek Bromski, Zebra Film Studio, Poland.  God’s Little Garden also garnered 2 more awards; Best Music to composer, Henri Seroka, and  REMI Special Jury Award contending for Best Feature Film. Moving Images Group & Coral Gate Media’s Chris Weatherhead was a triple-winner also for All for Liberty with a Special Jury Award, Best Art Direction and a Platinum in feature trailers. Kodak’s Crystal Vision award went to Tender as Hellfire, Jason Stone, USC, USA.  The Texan award went to The Heart of Texas, Mitchell Wright & Dan Patrick, Plaid Shirt Pictures, USA. The Houston Award went to Las Luciernagas, (The Fireflies), Robert Minervini, Pulpa Entertainment, Houston, TX.

All other award results from this year’s WorldFest competition are now posted on our website at – There were more than 4,200 category entries in all film and video competitions.

"Among the remarkable number of WorldFest discoveries, we include just a few, listed in alphabetical order: John Alvidson, John Badham, Ralph Bakshi, Carroll Ballard, John Boorman, Marty Brest, Michael Cimino, The Coen Brothers, Bryan De Palma, Jonathan Demme, Michael Demme, Atom Egoyan, John Frankenheimer, Leslie Linka Glatter, Charles Guggenheim, John Lee Hancock, Hal Hartley, Randall Kleiser, Ang Lee, Spike Lee, George Lucas, David Lynch, Paul Mazursky, Steve Poster, Robert Rodriguez, John Sayles, Ridley Scott, Steven Spielberg, Oliver Stone, Robert Townsend, Will Vinton, Peter Weir, Hugh Wilson and hundreds more. The winners this year will be the Spielbergs of tomorrow and you can meet them before they are famous. WorldFest-Houston..."Fiercely Independent" WorldFest is one of the oldest film festivals in the world, founded in 1961 as an International Film Society. "


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